It is a solution center that brings together very high-tempo and stressful lives with design, and that finds solutions for needs… What is the purpose of establishment of “Ofiste Her Şey”?
To create an innovative concept to make cooperative brands more visible in Istanbul, Levent that is the heart of business life. Who/which groups can utilize “Ofiste Her Şey”?
Designers, architects, and any brand that generates solutions for office furniture. Can I personally utilize the opportunities of “Ofiste Her Şey”?
Everyone who wonders about us, who would like to meet us, and particularly who designs can benefit from our café area.

In addition, students of the faculties of architecture/interior architecture and design, as well as design and architecture creators, can benefit from our co-working area.

What are the privileges of “Ofiste Her Şey”?
The café with a terrace of 200 m2
The seminar area with a capacity of 100 people
The co-working spaces for private and personal working spaces Is there any limitation of time to use the spaces?
The spaces can be used from 09:00 to 19:00. Who can be a participant of the product library?
Our cooperative brands can exhibit their products in the product library. How often can the products in showrooms be changed?
This depends on the package purchased. You can contact us for detailed information. Is there any limitation to use the seminar area and meeting rooms?
This depends on the usage rights of our cooperative brands. Can I lease a space daily?
There is no opportunity to lease the co-working areas daily. Can we utilize the Hero Exhibition Area without using the spaces?
Only our cooperative brands can utilize the Hero area, but you can contact us to get information about the special prices for the brands that would like to take part in the product library. Is there a private space in the offices? How is security ensured?
Ofiste Her Şey along with all of its areas is monitored by a camera system for 24/7. Should we get an appointment to visit the space?
No! You can visit us and have a coffee with us at anytime you wish from 09:00 to 19:00 🙂