About the Company

Incorporated in 2002, Mod Tasarım was established as interior architecture company designing innovative furniture in order to make difference, rather than producing ordinary furniture. Since its establishment, it has always improved itself with its designs. It continues providing services to satisfy your needs with its brands Rubi By, Ofisci, and Seperasyon Sistemleri. Its wide range of products provides convenience to satisfy different needs notified.

Rubi By continues its innovation to increase efficiency in call centers. Rubi By has become the leading brand in its sector by providing solutions oriented at needs of call centers. For example, thanks to the sound absorbing products designed for call centers, the problem of sound confusion in call centers has been significantly removed. The solutions such as acoustic sound system and textile air channel are the solutions provided by Rubi By under Mod Tasarım.

Custom Design

Innovative & Modern

Functional Solutions

Why Rubi by?

It is a brand stemming from the philosophy of solutions from a single point for call centers. It offers design, application, and supply solutions for call centers.

Based on the principle of providing ergonomic, economic, and sustainable solutions and managing the same from a single point, Rubi By is indeed a system.

The basis of this system consists of providing design solutions suitable for needs from A to Z, and making this to become sustainable through solution partners like the rings of a chain.It is a system producing design solutions based on the principle of efficiency for call centers. It is a structure where all your questions about call center design quickly find an answer.

It is a dynamic and modern point of view that is suitable for the necessities of the time.



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