About the Company

Another brand carrying on business under the umbrella of Mod Tasarım, Ofisci was launched in February 2015 and started providing services for office furniture.

Ofisci was established to design more efficient and practical offices by using correct combinations. The objective of the brand is to create spacious working spaces by selecting the materials suitable for the character of each workplace, and to design in such a way to utilize the existing area at a maximum level.

Product Variety

Functional Solutions

High-quality Designs

Why Ofisci?

There is a single reason for our product range, and it is not to adapt to different requests of customers. We have so much loved going beyond ourselves that people have been surprised to see that we have satisfied the requests not notified yet. We have always gone beyond ourselves to create correct solutions. Nowadays, they call it "innovation", and we realized it long ago. We are now at the stage of commercializing this product range. We have many products to satisfy both unborn and born requests, to satisfy maximum requirements, and to systematically cover any phases from small to big...

Why do we have many products? There are so many things that we cannot get enough of producing...



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S1 A Blok No 302
Başakşehir / İstanbul

T: +90 212 671 87 01