About the Company

Fales carries out works to prevent noise in any space that may have acoustic problems such as offices, meeting rooms, corridors, lobbies, multi-purpose halls, cafeterias, school classes, etc. The process that starts with consultancy ends upon the provision of the product needed by the relevant space.

Fales works to provide the silence you look for in your living spaces.

Acoustic Solutions

Aesthetic Design

Innovative Approach

Why Fales?

One of the reasons for you to prefer Fales is that it not only sells a product to you,
but also shares your experiences from beginning to end of the process. The areas such as office spaces, meeting rooms, and cafeterias are notified to us as the areas with the highest acoustic problems and that wait for a solution. Each space is individually assessed by Fales. The acoustic problem specific to the relevant space is worked on. Products are assessed and a report is submitted. Benefits to be provided approximately by such products are identified



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