About the Company

Dita Mimarlık starts with the existence stories of companies, walks together with them on their desired path, and carries them to the result. It reveals their needs that are not mentioned. It strategically plans the growth potentials of companies that lead to relocation, and dynamizes their office designs accordingly.

Dita Mimarlık starts with listening to companies, learns their desires, and brings a new experience to employees. It sets up innovative open offices that are suitable for their work disciplines and that allow both socializing and concentrating.

Project Design

Innovative & Modern

High Satisfaction

Why Dita Mimarlık?

While setting up their offices, working areas, call centers, or for their growth plans, companies say "How will we do it? Shall we do it?" and after the first wrong process, they do not want to experience this again and visit us. At Dita Mimarlık, indeed we first listen to you. Making an engineering analysis, we help you to build your processes. We analyze your department-based growth plans, business manner, corporate culture, manner of work, and needs, and report this analysis to you.

As Dita Mimarlık, we continue touching many companies that start the process for the first time, that do not know where to begin, and that want to grow. Following the process planned in terms of engineering, we touch the architectural processes.



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